Measure your cup and knicker size


Cup size

To measure your cup size, first start to measure your band size with a measuring tape, tightly, straight under your breasts. Don't stretch the tape! Make sure the measuring tape goes around your body on the same level. (1) 

Second, measure the size of your breasts by putting the measuring tape over the fullest part of your breasts and make sure it goes around your body on the same level. (2) 

The difference between the measurement results (1) and (2) will determine your cup size. This size will give you a good starting point for a successful fitting. There are other considerations that determine a comfortable and excellent fit. This can only become clear by a good fitting and trying different brands so you can feel the different fits, materials, and fabric. Do you want to find the bra which is right for you quickly? Are you tired of disappointing purchases? Come to us for a personal and professional fitting, it will save you a lot of time, disappointment and money. (For common bra problems we hear from our clients visit the Bradoctor on this website) 


Measure your waist size with the measuring tape. The right fit is, of course, also material dependent. We can also give you the right advice on which knicker style or material to choose. 

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1. measure your band size straight under the breasts :


2. Measure the fullest part of your breasts:


3. Measure your waist size with the measuring tape:



Your Cup size:

Your knickers size:

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