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Lady Service helps to restore the feminin figure without an operation

Did you have a mastectomy or partial operation on one of your breasts or both? Do you want to restore your feminin silhouette and symmetry without an operation or do you want to restore symmetry while waiting for a reconstruction operation?

We like to help you to feel feminin and symmetrical again. We are experienced consultants and want to give you the best advice to achieve this. We will keep your wishes in mind all the time. It is our pleasure to help you find the right bra and breast form.

Lady Service is a certified SEMH supplier for all the Dutch insurance companies. We have four mammacare consultants whith a mammacare training diploma. The consultants also have many years of fitting experience for lingerie and swimwear.

1 in 9 women receives a breastcancer diagnosis at some time in their lives. After the diagnosis a period of frequent hospital visits and treatment follows, a difficult and emotianal period. Many women have to be operated on, one or both breasts.

"Losing or being operated on one of your breasts, is very difficult for a woman to accept. Uncertainty about regaining symmetry, and regaining your silhouette as it was before, is a feeling most women experience. The consultants at Lady Service really want to help you to get through this period of uncertainty. As a woman you are used to certain styles and models of lingerie. Every woman has her own style and preference for certain styles of bras. The Lady Service consultants will help you find the right lingerie which is suitable for wearing with a breastprosthese and will suit your taste and lifestyle as you were used to."


SEMH logo

Lady Service is a SEMH certified company. The SEMH is an independent Dutch organisation. Every year all the SEMH certified companies in the Netherlands are tested for their standard of quality and service.

Special mastectomy bra’s and swimwear

The Lady Service consultants all have a lot of fitting experience. The fitting takes place in a seperate, private fitting room. The room has a informal character and doesn’t have a medical atmosphere. Our customers make a fitting appointment in advance, we prefer to have plenty of time for our customers. You are welcome to bring your partner or friend, we have plenty of room. Please check our opening hours to pick the day and time which suits you best.

We have a large stock to work with, lingerie, swimwear and of course several models and brands of breastforms. Most of our customers can take their lingerie, and breast form home right after the fitting. If we need to sow in a pocket in your selected bra, we will do that right away.

It is also possible to bring in your own lingerie and swimwear if you want us to give you advice on if these are still wearable and suitable for wearing with a breast form.

Breast forms

Breastprostheses or silicon breastforms are available in different shapes. They are all made of silicon, the silicon gives the shape a soft and natural feel and warms up to body temperature while wearing it in your bra. The weight of the breast form is close to a natural breast in the same size. The breast form also has to restore the weight balance in a bra in order to achieve symmetry.The weight balance is also important for balance of your shoulders, in the long term your posture can change because of weight imbalance of the natural breast and the breast form.To wear a breast form you need a suitable bra, most of our customers have a pocket sown in or wear a already pocketed bra. It is also possible to wear the breast form without a pocket directly against your body.

Symmetrical breast form
Symmetrical breast form
A-symmetrical breast form
A-symmetrical breast form

There are different weights available in breast shapes. Some women have shoulder or back problems, for these women it is better to choose a lightweight breastform. The weight of the breastform has to be carried by the shoulder. A well fitted and suitable bra with wide comfort straps will help to reduce shoulder, neck and back problems. A bra with wide shoulders is also more comfortable for women with big cup sizes. The weight of the breastform can’t be reduced to far because to little weight will result in imbalance of the feminine silhouette. Imbalance in weight can also result in neck and back problems in the long run.

The contact breast form has an adhesive surface which will stick to the skin. The surface has been thoroughly tested and is kind to the skin. This breast firm will stay close to the body if you bend forward. It will give you a feeling of security. You won’t need a bra with a pocket, but you will need a bra to achieve symmetry with your natural breast. The natural breast will need support to achieve the same height as the breastform because the silicon is more firm. The contact breast form is ideal for women with shoulder problems because it sticks to the body and in combination with a firm bra will give maximum relieve of the shoulder. Our consultant can give you a demonstration of the contact breast form and let you feel the surface on your skin. This breast form needs to be cleaned every time after wearing it, we can also demonstrate the cleaning to you. Amoena, the supplier of this breast form, allows you to try this breast form for three months. If you don’t like to wear it during this time you can swap the breastform for a non-contact model. (we don’t recommend this contact breast form in the first year after a mastectomy operation)

nude with contact breast form 0007
Amoena contact breast form
361 back
Amoena Contact breastform adhesive surface

Silima direct breast form

The Silima breastform is lightweight and comes with a thin shape retaining adhesive pad. The specially contoured back of the breast form allows perfect positioning for the adhesive pad. This breast form gives you the possibility to either stick it to your skin or wear it in a bra with a pocket. The adhesive pad will stay sticky for approximately six months if youuse it every day. The adhesive pad needs cleaning twice a week.

silima kitThe adhesive breast forms are also available for women who had a partial breast operation.

Restoring symmetry after a partial breast operation

amoena balance contact 1c 2c 2After a partial operation symmetry can be restored with a partial silicon breast form. Sometimes a partial operation results in a minor or large difference between both breasts. The symmetry can be restored with a partial breast form. A difference between both breasts also often occurs years after a reconstruction. The feminin body changes shape and weight several times in a lifetime and breasts change in size. A difference in size and/or shape between the natural breast and a reconstructed breast can affect the symmetry of your bust. Partial breastforms can restore the symmetry without a new operation. Partial breast forms are also covered by all the Dutch Insurance companies.

Breast forms for swimming

Do you swim frequently? We have breast forms specially made for wearing in bikini´s and swimsuits. These breastforms have less weight compared to a regular daily breast form and are easy to wear while swimming. Regular breast forms can endure water contact but are often to heavy for swimwear unless you have a small cup size.

Mastectomy bra´s

We have a large selection in mastectomy bra´s, these bra´s have a pocket already sown into the interior of the cup. Most of our customers prefer to wear their breastform in this pocket. The pocket makes sure the breast form can´t move and certainly won´t slip out of your bra when you bent over. Not wearing the breast form directly on your skin will keep your skin dry.

Apart from the mastectomy bra´s with pocket we can also customize several bra´s from our collection. We make these bra’s suitable for wearing with a breast form. We sow in the pockets while you wait so you can take home your bra immediatly.

Our sowing service has several advantages, more choice, better choice in the price you want to pay and the possibility to keep wearing the brand you were used to wear before the operation. We will always keep your wishes in mind while advicing you on which bra to choose. Not all regular bra´s are suitable for wearing with a breast form, we will advice you on that.

A pocket will cost you 9.95 euro. If you buy a bra at Lady Service which needs to have a pocket sown in, you won´t have to pay for the sowing.

amoena lara in champagne
Amoena basic padded bra without wire
anita bh 5777
Anita Lisa without padding and without wire
amoena eva post operatief
Amoena Eva post operative compression bra

Post operative bra's

After a reconstruction operation you will need a bra with firm support which is easy to put on, a zip, or hook and eye closure on the front will help you to put on the bra more easy. Some women will develope oedema after a breast operation, we have bra´s in stock to help you to reduce the oedema.

Ask for advice which bra will be suitable for you with the mastectomy nurse or your oedema therapist. We can advice you on the cup size and fit you with the bra they recommend.


We have a good choice of mastectomy swimwear in our private fitting room. Bikini´s, swimsuits and tankini´s. This swimwear is designed for women who had a breast operation, they are cut a bit higher under the arms and have a higher neck line. This will give you a secure feeling and will make sure nobody will notice you had a breast operation. Our swimwear is suitable for wearing a breast form in a pocket already sown in. You need a good fit to give you security while wearing swimwear, we have the brands that have the knowledge to make a good fit.

Prothes Badpak Frascati Anita black LadyServiceLeiden2018 


Amoena bikini romantic Lady Service Leiden


Do you want to make an appointment?

Because of our many years on experience and personal advice you can expect an excellent advice. Our mamma care consultants are available every day. We prefer our customers to make an appointment for a fitting, so we can take our time to give you the best advice. You will also be sure of the availability of one of our four consultants who will consult you in our private fitting room. Please call us for an appointment. A route description is available on our website. Our telephone number 071-5140728

After the fitting session you can take your breastform and selected bra’s and/or swimwear home immediately. Only when a size isn’t on stock we will have to order it for you and you can come to pick the order up later. Postage is also possible.


The Lady Service mamma care consultants

A fitting at home

Are you unable to come to our shop, because of fysical difficulties? It is possible to make an appointment for a breast form and bra fitting at your own home. Our fee for a home visit depends on the distance we will have to travel.

Please call us for information 071-5140728.
or send an email message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You made an appointment

When you come into our shop you yust have to mention you made an appointment all our staff will know you come for a private fitting, you don’t have to be more specific.

Insurance reimbursement

If you have a Dutch Insurance the breast form will be payed by the insurance company. The amount of money you will get back is dependent on your specific contract policy. At the moment a request for payment for a breast form or breast prostheses will also be deducted from the yearly “eigen bijdrage” every resident has to pay.

Lady Service has a contract with every Dutch Insurance company for fitting breast forms and we are payed directly by the insurance companies. We yust need your insurance card and number. After the first fitting a period of one or two years applies before you can get a new breast form payed by your insurance.

Because all insurance companies have their own rules and policies we advice you to contact your insurance company about the amount of money you can get back.

Some insurance companies also pay back a certain amount for bra’s swimwear and breast forms for swimming.


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